Marina Bay Sands Singapore Elegant Facilities That Surpass Its Competitors

Marina Bay Sands Singapore is not only popular as one of the most luxurious Singapore hotels. But, it is also famous as one of the most splendor and iconic building in the city. Or, it can be that the hotel becomes the fabulous buildings worldwide.

It is not surprising to find many pictures about this hotel in many people’s social media posts. Everything within the hotel is adorable and instagrammable as well.

Fitness Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Of course, everyone knows about the swimming pool. The 150-meter pool lies at the peak of the hotel. Everyone has discussed this amazing pool, so let’s discuss other elegant facilities within the hotel. Banyan Tree Fitness Club. Working out here is more than just a marvelous experience.

All the gym facilities are pretty complete with various choices. Spending only half an hour in the fitness center won’t satisfy anyone. Visitors can enjoy the magnificent panoramas of the city while having exercises. Among the most remarkable facilities include stationary bikes, treadmills, free weights, elliptical cross-trainers, and many other kinds of resistance training equipment.

Everyone can also use the over-the-ear headphones that the fitness center provides. But, those who want to try more challenging workout sessions can enjoy sunrise yoga or hiring a personal trainer on the spot. Anything that visitors do within this splendid fitness center will end up perfectly by enjoying a sauna, hot pool, or other steam facilities with elegant amenities inside the changing rooms.


Marina Bay Sands Singapore is also popular among business people worldwide. They don’t only use this hotel instead of other Singapore hotels to spend nights during their business trips. But, they also use the facilities for events here.

All the meeting events here have already become the most trustworthy sites for hosting several events, whether they are international or regional. During the past years, all the meeting events here have been awarded as Best Convention & Exhibition Centre at the TTG Travel Awards.

It is easy to understand why this hotel gets its award. It has 250 rooms for events, gatherings, or meetings which can house about two thousand exhibition booths. They can also house about 45,000 people. The ballroom, The Sands Expo, and Convention Centre have become the biggest ballroom in Southeast Asia that can accommodate more than eight thousand attendees.

Clients have claimed their satisfaction over the services of the event organizer of Marina Bay Sands Singapore. They adore the state-of-the-art facilities and amenities of the hotel. There are also Hospitality Suites. It offers the best privacy for hotels with total exclusivity that all guests need, whether they want to enjoy intimate gatherings or family meetings in such a luxury ambiance.

Don’t forget to check its foyers, where every guest can enjoy the areas which can deliver versatile function for exhibition or meeting. Facilities in this excellent foyer are cocktail receptions and coffee break sessions.

There are lots of Singapore hotels that anyone can choose from. But, Marina Bay Sands Singapore is one of the most recommended ones with the most luxurious facilities.