Popular Place near Hotel 81 Singapore That Is Good for You

Hotel 81 is a place to stay when you are on vacation in Singapore. This country has many hotels, and one of the best places in this hotel. If you stay here, you can go to many travel destinations. Here are some of the lists.

Abdul Gafoor Mosque

This mosque is in the beautiful area of Little India. This area is similar to India. It is because there are so many people who came from that country a long time ago. So, now they are a citizen of Singapore. But they still keep the culture. People of India have two dominant religions, Hindu and Islam. Abdul Gafoor Mosque is one of the ancient buildings that come from their belief.

From the hotel, you can go to the mosque comfortably. It is because the location is very close. You can go there only in some minutes. The hotel and the mosque distance is about 90 meters only. In that mosque, if you want to pray, it will be good. But, if you are not Muslim, you can take many beautiful photographs from the ancient building.

MRT Station

You have to know if you are in Singapore, you need to take MRT as public transportation. It is very cheap, clean, and punctual. So, you will not arrive late. If you have an appointment, you can go anywhere in the country by MRT too. The route is along with the country. So, you do not need to worry about how to go to some places. The best thing is if you stay in Hotel 81, you only need to walk 142 meters to go to the MRT Station.

Taste Good 好味小厨

That is a good restaurant in Singapore that is located only 224 meters away from the hotel. You can eat many things there and have a new culinary experience. You can order chicken salted egg, many vegetable cuisines, and also rise with many kinds of toppings. The taste is delicious and the price is affordable.

Raffles Hospital

Not only for fun, but some tourists also come to this country to make an appointment about medication. Medication in Singapore is very good and many people from other Sout East Asia countries try to do the best for their health in this country. Therefore, if you want to go to the hospital, you can stay in this hotel.

Raffles Hospital is one of the best hospitals located about 554 meters from Hotel 81. It is a clean and big hospital that can make all patients get the best treatment with professional doctors. This hospital is not only for Singaporeans but also for tourists.

Singapore National Stadium

You can go to this place if you like sports. It is only 2.18 kilometers away from the hotel. In that place, you can see many sports activities. Sometimes, there are some leagues too. It is very good to take some photos there. So, you will have many experiences by staying at a hotel in Singapore that has a strategic location.